What happens if you don’t have a permanent address?

What happens if you don’t have a permanent address?

Simply tell them at the registration office that you no longer have a permanent address. Then they will give you a cancellation notice. And then you can live wherever you want, nobody will find you officially anymore.

What happens if you don’t deregister in Germany?

Anyone who registers an apartment that he does not move into or does not deregister commits an administrative offense that can be punished with a fine of up to 1,000 euros (§ 54 BMG).

What happens if you deregister from Germany?

(2) Anyone who moves out of an apartment and does not move into a new apartment in Germany must deregister with the registration authority within two weeks of moving out. Violating this is an administrative offense and will result in a fine. This fine can amount to up to 1,000 euros, depending on the administrative offence.

Can I log out without logging in again?

It is usually the case that you move out of one apartment and into another. After the move, you will have to re-register at the residents’ registration office. You are therefore not allowed to simply deregister at the registration office without specifying a new place of residence.

What happens if I don’t unsubscribe?

The Federal Registration Act stipulates that there is a risk of a fine if the new regulations are not complied with. Anyone who does not report to the residents’ registration office within two weeks risks a fine of up to 1,000 euros – this also applies to the landlord if he does not issue the certificate in time.

Can you deregister someone from the apartment?

Your friend is responsible for his own registrations and deregistrations. However, if the apartment belongs to you and is rented to someone else, i.e. your friend no longer lives there, you should deregister him as a landlady. You cannot deregister a third party (adult).

Can I deregister my ex from the apartment?

She cannot deregister him directly at the registration office. But: she can say there – in writing – that the person in question is no longer actually there and ask for deregistration and investigation.

Can I deregister another person?

He can’t unsubscribe you. But he can send the information to the registration office that you no longer live there. Then the registration office will deregister you. You are obliged to re-register yourself within 2 weeks of moving.

What happens if you don’t re-register after moving?

As a rule, you have to visit the registration office within a week of moving and register. If you do not comply with these deadlines, you commit an administrative offense and there is a risk of fines. In extreme cases, this fine can be up to 500 euros – but such penalties are rare.

What is the penalty if you register too late?

Fine: How expensive is a late re-registration? Exceeding deadlines can be expensive: It is up to the clerk to decide whether and how much fine he will relieve you of. Usually it’s only 20 – 30 euros.

What is the penalty if you don’t register?

Usually, exceeding the deadline can result in a fine of around €1,000. As I said, the circumstances are decisive for this. It will be really expensive for you if you use the apartment differently than stated. In this case, penalties of up to €50,000 are possible, depending on the case.

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