What happens if you don’t respond to a complaint?

What happens if you don’t respond to a complaint?

A lawsuit is filed and there is a written preliminary procedure. The opponent does not answer within 14 days. Actually, such a passage is written by the court in such a way that one has to reckon with a loss of the process if one does not reply to the complaint.

What happens when you file a lawsuit?

After you file the claim with the court, the statement of claim is served on the opposing party. The defendant must respond in writing within a 2-week period. It is not uncommon for the plaintiff and defendant to exchange several letters prior to the court hearing.

What happens if you miss a deadline?

What to do if a deadline is missed? If a certain deadline is missed, as in our case the deadline for substantiating the appeal, a request for reinstatement to the previous status can be made. This means that the missed deadline will not have any consequences and the procedure will continue as normal.

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