What happens if you lie on your resume?

What happens if you lie on your resume?

Even if it almost never happens in practice, lying on your CV can have serious consequences. If your employer discovers that you lied about the information in your CV, especially in areas that are essential for the performance of your job, you can face dismissal.

Is it illegal to lie on a resume?

False information can lead to dismissal and can also be a criminal offence. If, after joining the company, it turns out that you have deceived by lying in your CV or during the interview, you risk being terminated without notice.

Can an employer see where I worked before?

Your new employer will ask you where you have already been employed, but he cannot see this from the certificate. He has the full right to inspect the files at the employment office. In addition, you should have provided relevant information in the applications.

How honest does a resume have to be?

In the CV – as in the rest of the application – the top priority is of course honesty. On the one hand, this means that you must not simply lie. Falsifying employment data is the third most common job lie in a recent survey.

How to express unemployment in CV?

Paraphrasing unemployment If you state your unemployment in your CV, you can paraphrase the term “unemployment” with “job-seeking”.

What should you avoid on your resume?

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the core of every application and more influential than any social media profile… Stumbling blocks in the CV: You should avoid thesePriorary school details? Inconsequential details: From part-time jobs and hobbies. List of positions bores recruiters.

What should I write as a hobby in my resume?

Hobbies on your CV: Attention boomerang! Reading. Running. Riding a bike. Swimming. Jogging. Horseback riding. Listening to music. Hiking.

Can fashion be a hobby?

Certain interests and passions are simply part of a job. For example, if you are applying in the IT sector, you do not have to state that you enjoy working with computers. If you apply to a fashion boutique, you can save yourself citing fashion as your great hobby.

What interests can you have?

Reading, photography, horseback riding, blogging, … Everyone has some interests …. These interests signal responsibility honorary posts in social institutions. Collaboration in professional associations. Promotion of young people in sports clubs.

What hobbies are there?

Sporting hobbiesDancing. Dancing is a lot of fun AND burns a lot of calories at the same time. Climb. skateboarding. Jiu-Jitsu/ Karate/ Judo/ Taekwondo. Juggle. trampolining. laser tag. table tennis.

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