What happens to me after death?

What happens to me after death?

In many religions, human life on earth is seen as a maturation or probation. After death, the individual finally changes into another state of being (living on in a realm of the dead, afterlife, resurrection, heaven, immortality, hell, limbo).

What happens when you die?

Final phase of the dying process The blood circulation deteriorates, the body dries up. The breathing of dying people also becomes shallower and more irregular shortly before death. In the final phase of the dying process, it can often be seen that overall bodily functions are declining.

What leads to organ failure?

The most common causes are sepsis, polytrauma, critical viral infections and toxic effects. The starting point is cell damage in any organ, which leads to local activation of the body’s defense and repair systems.

What factors can affect a person’s life expectancy?

The most disadvantaged group of men in the East shows how extremely the socio-economic status, especially income, work status and education, influences the chances of survival: 14 percent belong to the lowest income and educational strata.

How can you increase life expectancy?

A healthy lifestyle increases life expectancy by around seven years. People who do not smoke, are not severely overweight and drink only moderate amounts of alcohol have a life expectancy seven years longer than the general population.

Will life expectancy increase?

According to the results of the 2017/2019 life table, life expectancy in Germany has increased by around 0.1 years for girls and boys compared to the last calculation for the period 20 – i.e. by just over a month.

How has life expectancy changed?

The later the birth, the higher the life expectancy In the meantime, life expectancy has doubled since the end of the 19th century. According to the current mortality tables for generations from the Federal Statistical Office, a newborn boy lives to be 86.4 years old on average. Girls get even older.

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