What happens with a body donation?

What happens with a body donation?

Body donation is an alternative to the traditional burial. In this case, the body of the deceased is made available to science. These donations are needed for medical training and further education as well as for research.

Can I donate my body after death?

Who can donate their body? A body donor must have bequeathed his body to the Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology during his lifetime. This requires the unrestricted ability of the donor to consent. Registration as a body donor is only possible from the age of 60.

Can I sell my body after death?

Every body donor must make a personal bequest to the institute during their lifetime by means of a so-called last will and testament. Remuneration of the body donation (sale of the body) is excluded!

What does body donation mean?

Body donation is when a person decides to donate their body to science after they die. Body donations are often used to train medical students or specialists in the university hospital.

Are the people in body worlds real?

shown in Body Worlds exhibitions are real. They come from people who, during their lifetime, decided that their bodies should be available for the training of doctors and the education of lay people after their death.

What is biological death?

After clinical death and brain death comes biological death. This means that all so-called vital functions of the body have come to a standstill, such as the reflexes and all metabolic processes. The decomposition begins.

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