What has to be in a cover letter?

What has to be in a cover letter?

The following parts must not be missing in any application letter in order: The sender information. Your full name and address. The recipient data. Very important: Send the application letter to a specific contact person and to the address of the company. Place and date. The subject.

What goes into an application for an internship?

You should not clutter up your application for an internship, but put it together carefully. Job references, internship references, university degrees, vocational training and the highest school qualification belong here. The most recent or most relevant document goes up.

How do you write a student application?

What belongs in a cover letter? Sender: (Name, address, telephone number (also mobile), e-mail address) Date (right) Recipient (company, first and last name of the addressee, address) No application photo! Subject (for example so : “Application for a student internship”)

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