What if you don’t have any references?

What if you don’t have any references?

Those who do not have a job reference, but can show a reference, have no bad cards at all: Because a personal contact person is named in the reference, to whom the HR manager can turn.

How do I deal with bad grades?

Avoid blaming your child. You block your way to a successful solution by shouting or even physical violence. Instead, show your child understanding. Anyway, nobody can change the bad grade now.

What to do if you have bad grades in high school?

If the tutoring does not bring the desired success, and if there are no other problems, poor grades can actually result from the excessive demands at the grammar school. In this case, it makes sense to speak to teachers or to go to a competent counseling center.

Why are my grades so bad?

As a rule, there are bad grades when the subject matter is not adequately mastered. It is therefore important to find out the reasons for this. Often laziness or disinterest are possible reasons, but a lack of intelligence or learning disorders can also be the cause of poor grades.

Is a bad grade bad?

According to a study by the Straits Times, bad grades are the worst for more than a third of children – the death of a parent comes second. The pressure starts in elementary school: 12.5 percent of students suffer from depression.

What is a good school report card?

A good school report looks a little different for every child. You should definitely recognize and praise your child’s performance, for example by telling him how great you think it is that he tried so hard at school. It learns that good grades also have something to do with hard work and effort.

Is Middle School Bad?

Middle school as “remaining school”: When children feel second class. Middle school remains a controversial issue. Bavarian middle school teachers rate their own school badly in a survey. Students often find the support good – provided they have got rid of their self-doubts.

What is a bad grade?

Everyone gets a bad grade at one point or another. A grade also says nothing about a person’s intelligence. Rather, it is the establishment of a certain knowledge at a certain time in a certain state of mind. Because you have often learned and also know the material, but you still can’t think of anything when you take the exam.

Is it bad to be bad at school?

The consequence: if things don’t go so well at school, the stress and pressure increase. After all, the future is at stake! And if things don’t go so well for several years or even the entire school time, then in case of doubt this can mean up to 13 years of stress.

Is it bad to go to secondary school?

Even Bavaria no longer trusts the name Hauptschule, the vast majority have just been renamed to Mittelschulen and modified in the process. Baden-Württemberg took a similar path a few years ago. Now the parents decide – mostly against the secondary school.

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