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What influence does the creative wall design have on your everyday life?

As in most fashion-driven areas, we can see a spiraling development in interior design. Certain tendencies emerge and then disappear again.


Have you ever thought of a creative wall design in patterns?

The creative wall design in patterns is a great example of this. These were considered old-fashioned for a while, but have been back in a modern version for several years. We observe slim lines on richly textured surfaces. They are accompanied by monochrome color palettes.

The relief appearance is very much preferred over the flat one. You can use the patterns in any room. However, this must be done with caution. There are a few rules for tasteful appearance. You also need to think carefully about the impact these have on your everyday life.


Patterns bring dynamism to the ambience

wall design-wooden stairs

… and set accents

With their shape and size, the patterns introduce a certain dynamic into the room.

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The patterns can balance the dynamics in your room. If, for example, a room appears too gloomy due to solid colors, these can loosen up the mood. This works particularly well when the lines of the pattern contrast with the background.

Accent walls

The design of accent walls with patterns is also modern. The dimensions are adapted to the furniture in front of it.

What does visual gravity actually mean? This designates the areas in the room that immediately attract our attention.

Here are some great ways you can determine the distribution of visual gravity in the room: As soon as you step into the room, let the design sink in. You can feel whether this appears balanced or not.

wall-design-in-the-living room

Does the room seem overcrowded to you?

Perhaps the room seems too crowded at first glance?

It often helps if you call in a second person to evaluate this task.

The creative wall design with patterns is wonderfully suitable for restoring the visual balance in the room. You can use it to create an accent wall or add even more visual power to a special element – a fireplace or a wall niche.

The “mix and match” principle is very suitable for all types of decoration and it can also be used for wall design with patterns. In this way, however, you are turning away from all conventional rules for wall design. You have to pay attention to visual gravity here again – some patterns are larger than others.

The bottom line is that you get a balanced and well-balanced interior.


Achieve a balanced look in the bathroom

It is important that a balanced picture emerges in the end.

Use the principles according to which you would design a picture wall (patterns are a kind of pictures). In this case, the individual wallpaper samples should be characterized by certain common characteristics.

Work with the available color palettes

What color palette did you choose for the room? You can pick up on these and choose a different shade for the background and the pattern, which corresponds well with the rest of the room design.

bedroom creative wall design

This creative wall design with patterns spices up the bedroom

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