What interests can you indicate on your résumé?

What interests can you indicate on your résumé?

Hobbies on your résumé: Be aware of the boomerang! Reading, running, cycling, swimming, jogging, horse riding, listening to music, hiking, other entries …

What hobbies can I include in my résumé?

Pay attention to spelling: Use the same title for the block Hobbies in your resume and not as Hobbies. This notation is reserved for English. If in doubt, it is better to write interests or commitment that looks more serious.

Which schools on the resume?

In the case of school education, the highest qualification is named and the school at which it was obtained. Switching from Realschule to Gymnasium or vice versa is irrelevant and need not be mentioned. Everyone who has a high school diploma or a high school diploma has also attended elementary school.

Is it possible to resume a course that has dropped out?

In principle, there is the possibility of resuming a discontinued degree. This is usually possible by applying for a higher semester of the previous course.

Can I study the same thing again?

A second degree means that after a first university degree, a second undergraduate degree follows. The prerequisite for a second degree is definitely a first degree. A student who breaks off his degree and takes on a second is still a long way from completing a second degree.

Is it possible to study again despite de-registering?

Is it possible to continue studying despite de-registering? In principle, performance-related forced de-registration does not mean the end of a university career, because the exclusion initially only applies to the original course of study. A change of subject is therefore possible.

Can I interrupt my studies?

A vacation semester is an official interruption of studies for the duration of one semester. This leave of absence must be applied for at your university and approved by it – only then does a semester without study officially count as a semester of leave.

How long can you pause your studies?

As a rule, the semester of leave is only granted for one or two semesters and must then be applied for again. More than two semesters of leave are unusual, except in the case of pregnancies. You not only have to justify the desired break, but also provide evidence of the reason.

When should I quit my studies?

If you only change one subject in your degree program, shift your focus or simply go to another university, it is not a question of dropping out. That would just be a change of course. You will continue to study at the same faculty, but take other subjects.

When is a degree considered abandoned?

Former students who have completed their first degree without a university degree (university drop-out) are referred to as dropouts. The termination takes place legally with the de-registration, whereby many matriculated dropouts have already given up their studies in fact.

Which study program is most often dropped out?

Subject (share Wechsler) Dentistry (28.8%) Natural sciences (23.2%) Human medicine (22.2%) Pharmacy (20.4%) Economics (19.6%) Law (16.9%) Civil engineering + geodesy (14.3%) Veterinary medicine (13.9%)

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