What intervals between letters of application?

What intervals between letters of application?

It is important that the letter of application fits on one DIN A4 page. If that doesn’t work, applicants can reduce the margins a bit in an emergency. However, the left margin should not be less than 2.41 cm, the right margin at least 1.0 cm and the top margin at least 0.5 cm.

What format should an application have?

To be on the safe side, send your application only as a PDF (portable document format).

In what format do you write an application?

Font. In principle, there are no specifications as to which font must be used in an application. The classics are Arial or Times New Roman. But they are also a bit boring.

Which file for online application?

Your online application only in PDF format. Occasionally applicants still use the DOCX format of MS Word. This is not only seen reluctantly, but often completely ignored. For security reasons, some recruiters do not open DOCX files at all (keyword: macro viruses).

Should applications be written in justification?

Both staggering and justification can be used in an application. With justification, the lines described with text have the same width, so that the margins of the letter text appear flush on the left and right. The spaces between the words can vary in size.

Where does the recipient end up with an application?

Your sender is in the upper left corner. Put the company address in the middle on the right. If you put an address label on your envelope, your sender’s address will appear in small letters above the recipient’s address. You will find the correct address for your application in the job advertisement.

Where do I write the attachments in the application?

Specify attachments correctly Although it was common in the past, the attachments to an application are no longer listed separately today. The attachments are also not mentioned in the cover letter or in the CV.

How do you report assets?

According to DIN 5008, you can emphasize the note “Annex” or “Annex” by bold. Make a note with a gap of at least three blank lines under the salutation or under the company name.

Which certificates to enclose with the application?

Applicants with a lot of professional experience should omit school reports, but the highest academic certificate or training certificate must not be missing. Current job references that match the job are also relevant. As a rule, the last three certificates are sufficient.

What are the attachments for an application?

In any case, the curriculum vitae belongs in the appendix. It is also common to send relevant references, job references, certificates or, depending on the job, work samples. In the case of applicants with professional experience, however, the last school report has little meaning and does not have to be attached.

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