What is 2 plus for a grade?

What is 2 plus for a grade?

Rating scale: 1=very good, 2=good, 3=satisfactory, 4=sufficient.

What is a 4+ for a grade?

1 The services meet the requirements to a particularly high degree. 2 The services fully meet the requirements. 3 The benefits correspond to the requirements in general. 4 Although the services have deficiencies, they still meet the requirements overall.

What grade is a 3+?

A 3+ is 9 points. Each grade point corresponds to a 0.3 grade.

Which grade is sufficient?

With 45 assessment points, a school-leaver in North Rhine-Westphalia (at least in the subjects German and history) achieves the assessment sufficient, i.e. 5 points or a smooth grade of 4; there is already a 4- with 39 points.

What does the grade satisfactory mean?

Definition of grades The grade “satisfactory” should be awarded if the performance generally meets the requirements.

What grade on the certificate?

Grade 1: We were always completely satisfied with his services. Grade 2: We were always completely satisfied with your services. Grade 3: We were completely satisfied with his performance. Grade 4: We were satisfied with your services.

What does fully satisfactory mean in the job reference?

The grade “fully satisfactory” is the average rating from which you are entitled to a positive final formula in your job reference. However, if your rating is worse, you do not have to accept it. You have the right to obtain the reasons for this decision from the employer.

What does the word mostly mean in the testimony?

“Mostly” and “usually” Most of the time he solved the arithmetic correctly. In plain language, this means that he usually solved the arithmetic correctly – but that was often not the case! When teachers write “usually” or “as a rule”, in the language of the certificate it only means that it was the case more than 50 percent. That’s roughly a 3 in grades.

What does mostly mean?

Part of speech: adverb mostly. Word meaning/definition: 1) almost always, almost only, very often, most often.

What does awakened mean in the testimony?

Anyone who is “bright” has a quick grasp (understands the material quickly) and is knowledgeable (interested in it) and those who actively participate participate a lot in the lessons. This is roughly equivalent to a 2 as a verbal grade in social behavior. So: a good rating.

What shouldn’t be in a school report?

In Bavaria, for example, comments on social behavior, absenteeism and other things are allowed in the final certificate. But: “These comments must not affect the transition to working life,” says Achelpoehler. In other countries, nothing at all about social behavior is allowed in the certificate.

What is a good school certificate?

A good school certificate looks a little different for every child. You should definitely recognize and praise your child’s achievements, for example by telling them how great you think they’ve made such an effort at school. In this way, it learns that good grades also have something to do with diligence and effort.

What does always mean in the school report?

“Always trying” – What teachers mean with certain formulations. If your child is given a verbal assessment for individual subjects, the details should be noted. If the report card states that your child “made an effort” in a subject, this usually means that it is not doing very well in class.

What does satisfactory mean in the school report?

Grade 1 (very good): “Always to the fullest satisfaction” Grade 2 (good): “Always to the full satisfaction” Grade 3 (satisfactory): “To the full satisfaction” Grade 4 (sufficient): “To the full satisfaction”, “satisfactory”

What does always extremely satisfied mean?

has performed a wide range of very different tasks. We were always extremely satisfied with his/her very good performance and his/her successes. has consistently delivered excellence. We have therefore always been absolutely/extremely/highly satisfied with him/her.

What does fully satisfied mean?

To the fullest satisfaction – meaning Good: He has always carried out the tasks assigned to him to our fullest satisfaction. Satisfactory: He performed the tasks assigned to him to our complete satisfaction.

Is a job reference with grade 2 bad?

Internal appraisal systems and job references use different “languages” for good reason, with the human resources department doing the translation. 2. Good references are only an indication of a good employee, but bad ones are taken as evidence of a bad one.

How do I find out if my job reference is good?

The evaluation can be divided roughly into four grades: Very good: always/always to our complete satisfaction; Exceeded our expectations at all times; very good in every way; … Good: always to our complete satisfaction; were always good; … Satisfactory: to our complete satisfaction.

How do you recognize a good reference?

Sentences like “Your behavior towards superiors, colleagues and customers was always excellent. ‘ or ‘She was loyal at all times. The fullest satisfaction rated the behavior of the employee in the job reference as “very good”.

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