What is a biography?

What is a biography?

The German term biography is borrowed from the ancient Greek words ‘bíos’ (life) and ‘graphein’ (to write). Unlike an autobiography, a biography only deals with the lives of other people.

What is the difference between a resume and a bio?

Biography is the description of a person’s life. A CV lists the most important dates of the person’s life.

How do I find a title for a book?

If you have not yet found your title (Amazon search, Google search, directory of available books), then also check it on the usual title protection pages: Title protection indicator, stock exchange newspaper and book market are the first places to go. If your title is nowhere to be found, it’s free.

How do I find the title of a book?

You can search for your book title on Google, Amazon, and the Available Books Directory. Also enter your title on sites such as the title protection gazette, the stock exchange journal and the book market. If you cannot find your book title anywhere, it is free.

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