What is a bullet list?

What is a bullet list?

The bulleted list (also called a bulleted list) is typically formatted as a block of text that is indented and the first line of which shares the baseline of the bullet character. If a point is used as a bullet point, this is also referred to as a bullet point.

What do you call an enumeration?

The enumeratio is a stylistic device of rhetoric and can be found in works of all kinds and literary genres. The enumeratio basically means the enumeration of different words and can be syndetic, asyndetic and polysyndetic.

How do you spell lists correctly?

The starting point are the basic rules for punctuation in enumerations: »Equally ranked (subordinate) clauses, groups of words or words are separated from each other with a comma….1. Enumerated as part of a set of summer dresses, light jackets and colorful accessories.

How do you continue writing after a dash?

The answer: After a hyphen, it is always written in lower case, unless it is followed by a noun. So continue writing as you would have written the words without the hyphen.

When comma in enumeration?

The comma is used in lists between words and word groups of the same rank if they are not connected by words such as and, or or and.

When do you put a point?

If a compound sentence as a whole is not to be marked as a question or as an emphatic statement, there is a period at the end.

What do two periods at the end of a sentence mean?

In fact, abbreviations that usually end with a period drop a period at the end of the sentence. This also applies if it is an abbreviation without a period: If there is an abbreviation at the end of the sentence that is written without a period, the final period must still be used.

What does If someone writes three dots mean?

If you write three dots in a row, then these are the so-called “ellipsis”. These three dots stand for something that is left out when writing. These can be letters or whole words.

What do the three dots mean?

The three (3) dots “…” in chat or text messages are so-called ellipses. If the system displays three dots “…” in the chat or in Messenger, this means that the other person is currently writing. However, the message is not yet complete and has therefore not yet been sent.

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