What is a characterization example?

What is a characterization example?

A description of a person only refers to the external characteristics of a person, that is, what one can “see”. It is made, for example, for a police search. The characterization also goes into the inner world by describing properties, thoughts, feelings, etc.

How do you describe a person’s behavior?

A characterization describes not only the external characteristics of a person but also the social situation, the behavior as well as the thoughts and feelings of the person. The aim of characterization is to work out the characteristic features of the person.

What comes in the end of a characterization?

The conclusion of a characterization allows you to briefly express your own opinion. The figure can be criticized. The significance of the figure for the overall work and the relationship to other figures in the text should also be mentioned.

What are characteristics of a person?

The first place is the surname, first name, age and gender of the person, as far as this is known. Origin and occupation are also characteristics that can be important for a person. Characteristics that can be detected visually (with the eyes) are particularly important.

What does a description include?

A description is a predominantly informative, factual and realistic form of representation. The purpose of the description is to identify a concrete or abstract object, condition, context, issue, a person or a repeated or

What belongs in a personal description?

Structure of a person description Body stature (muscular, thin, slim, overweight) Height of the person (small, large, huge) Skin color. Limbs. Arms (short, long, scarred, prostheses) clothing. Headgear (hat, top hat, tiara, baseball cap) Other special characteristics of the person. Scars, burns, wounds.

How do I write a description?

Write a description of the object Go from the general to the specific: Start with typical features and then describe special features. Keep a logical order: Use the present tense. Describe the subject matter-of-factly: Use appropriate adjectives:

How do you start with a process description?

The introduction The process description begins with a heading. In the heading, the reader is informed about the content of the process description. In addition, the process description is preceded by a list of the materials required. Pay attention to the size and quantity information in recipes.

How do I write a good animal description?

When describing an animal, make sure that you describe the animal as precisely as possible. To do this, you should first take a close look at a picture of the animal. Then you create a writing plan. It is helpful if you write down key words for the individual characteristics of the animal.

How do you write a process description recipe?

Description of the process: Write in the present tense. Combine your sentences in a varied way. Choose a form of address (man form, you / your form, you form, passive, imperative) and stick to it. Use clear adjectives, appropriate verbs and technical terms. Write in a meaningful form Order and make paragraphs.

What function do technical terms have in process descriptions?

Process descriptions. The process description refers to repeatable processes or sub-processes. It should inform the addressee about the essential characteristics of the process (activities, movements, changes) and its sub-processes or individual processes.

What are examples of the process description?

For example, a process description can contain a recipe, show handicraft instructions or describe a scientific experiment. Accordingly, accuracy and the correct order of the individual steps are the most important features of this text form.

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