What is a comparison in a poem?

What is a comparison in a poem?

The comparison is a rhetorical device used in works of all literary genres. A comparison is the direct juxtaposition of two or more facts, objects or linguistic images that have at least one thing in common.

What is the best way to distinguish a metaphor?

So we recognize a metaphor when we distinguish between its area of ​​origin (image donor) and its area of ​​destination (image recipient). This is not always easy, especially in the case of dead metaphors, since these are no longer perceived as transference due to their frequent use.

How do you write a linguistic picture?

A linguistic image is a stylistic device that aims to create an image in the mind of the reader or listener. The main distinction is made between metaphor, comparison and personification.

What is a trope?

Tropics is the generic term for a series of stylistic devices. A trope (also: trope) is always an inauthentic and pictorial expression. What is meant is not formulated directly, but replaced by another linguistic phrase.

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