What is a concession?

What is a concession?

A concession (from the Latin concedere to grant, allow, cede; PPP concessum) is understood to mean: The granting of a right to use a common good (public good or commons) by the competent state or municipal authority, e.g.

Who needs a concession?

According to Section 2 of the Restaurant Act, a restaurant permit is required to operate a restaurant business. Such is the case when someone wants to sell food and drinks in fixed premises for immediate consumption.

What are concession awards?

The award of a concession is understood to be a contractual regulation and is only considered if the estimated order or contract value reaches or exceeds the threshold of EUR 5,548,000 (Section 106 (2) No. 4 GWB). The calculation of the estimated contract value is based on 2 KonzVGV.

How much does a concession for a restaurant cost?

How much does the liquor license cost (restaurant license) Depending on the location and size of the catering establishment, the fees for the restaurant license can vary widely and range from 50 to 5,000 euros (source: muenchen.de).

How much does a concession for a cafe cost?

The costs for the concession can vary greatly from region to region and range from 50 to 400 euros.

Where can I get a concession?

You can apply for this at the responsible local office. Depending on the federal state and municipality, the application for an operating license is submitted either to the mayor’s office, regulatory office, district office or the office for public order.

How do I get a restaurant license?

How and where do you apply for a concession in gastronomy? Anyone wishing to apply for a restaurant concession should contact the trade office, regulatory office or citizens’ office – depending on who is responsible for the restaurant in the municipality.

Who issues a restaurant license?

Since 2006 there has been a new restaurant law Where the application for a restaurant license is to be submitted can vary from municipality to municipality, depending on which department the license is assigned to. As a rule, however, it is either the trade or the regulatory office.

How do I get a dispensing permit?

To obtain a serving license, contact the regulatory office of the municipality in which your event is taking place. You should plan three weeks or more in advance for this. It usually takes at least 14 days for you to receive the approval in writing.

How do I get a liquor license?

Acquire a liquor license. The formal application for permission to run a restaurant business in which alcoholic beverages may be served must be submitted to the responsible public order office. The seat of the planned restaurant determines the responsibility of the authority.

What do you need a liquor license for?

Here it is determined when a liquor license is absolutely necessary. It is necessary when you want to open a business such as a bar, restaurant, bistro or café. The planned serving of alcoholic beverages is decisive for the necessity of the liquor license.

How much does a serving permit cost?

They can fluctuate between 100 euros and 4,000 euros. The fees for a permit depend on the location, the scope of the activity and whether it is a new opening or a takeover. Each municipality in the federal states can determine the fees for a liquor license itself.

Who needs a liquor license?

A serving license (permission according to § 12 Restaurant Act) is required by anyone who temporarily serves alcoholic beverages to the general public for consumption on the spot for a special reason.

Who can serve punch?

In principle, serving punch is not illegal. Catering establishments are allowed to offer food and drinks for collection from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the lockdown period.

Who is allowed to sell alcoholic beverages?

In general, beer and wine can be sold from closed bottles if the guest opens the bottle himself. Otherwise, alcohol may also be sold openly if there is a license to serve alcohol, taking into account the requirements for this.

Who can serve coffee?

If you only want to offer coffee and cake, you do not need a restaurant permit (licence). You only need this if you also want to serve alcoholic beverages. However, if you want to bake the cake yourself, the kitchen must meet the hygiene requirements.

What do I need to sell drinks?

You need a trade license, stand permit and health certificate. It just doesn’t work that way. You need a health certificate, business must be registered, etc. The tax is no other than if you earn your money differently!

When can you serve alcohol?

In Germany, beer and wine can be sold to young people aged 16 and over. Schnaps and other high-proof alcoholic beverages, on the other hand, are taboo under the age of 18.

What does serving alcohol mean?

Part of speech: noun, (masculine) Al|ko|hol|aus|schank, Plural: Al|ko|hol|aus|schän|ke. Word Meaning/Definition: 1) the dispensing of alcoholic beverages for immediate consumption.

When do I need a permit?

Such a permit is required if alcohol is to be served temporarily for a special occasion. The serving of alcohol must therefore be in the context of an event (“special occasion”) and not for its own sake.

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