What is a concession?

What is a concession?

Concession (from the Latin concedere to concedere, allow, cede) is understood to mean: The granting of a right to use a common good (public good or common good) by the competent state or municipal authority, e.g.

Who needs a license?

According to 2 of the Catering Act, a catering permit is required in order to operate a catering trade. This is the case when someone wants to sell food and drinks for immediate consumption in a fixed room.

What are concessions?

The award of a concession is understood to be a contractual arrangement and is only considered if the estimated order or contract value reaches or exceeds the threshold of EUR 5,548,000 (106 (2) No. 4 GWB). The calculation of the estimated contract value is based on 2 KonzVGV.

Can you take over a concession?

The new shareholder is granted a permit for the existing concession. If the old landlord leaves, the existing license cannot be withdrawn either. So the model has a certain load-bearing capacity.

What does a restaurant license cost?

The fees for the restaurant permit are calculated on a case-by-case basis. Usually it is 330 euros. This incurs fees of between 40 and 80 euros.

Who grants a restaurant license?

A new restaurant law has existed since 2006 Where the application for a restaurant license has to be submitted can differ from municipality to municipality, depending on which department the license is assigned to. As a rule, however, it is either the trade office or the public order office.

Who gives liquor license?

The serving license is also called a restaurant license or a bar license and is regulated in paragraphs 2 and 12 of the Restaurant Act. This is the formal permission from the responsible public order office to dispense alcoholic beverages in a public place.

Where can I get a license from?

You can apply for this at the local office responsible. Depending on the federal state and municipality, the application for an operating permit is submitted either to the mayor’s office, public order office, district office or the public order office.

When do I not get a license?

A restaurant is operated by anyone who commercially dispenses drinks and / or food for consumption on the spot (bar / food service) if the business is accessible to everyone or certain groups of people. No license is required for those who only: non-alcoholic drinks, prepared meals or.

How do I get a liquor license?

Acquire a liquor license. The formal application for permission to run a restaurant business in which alcoholic beverages may be served must be submitted to the responsible regulatory office. The seat of the planned restaurant determines the authority of the authority.

How long is a license valid?

The license expires if the owner or the deputy does not start operating the restaurant within one year of the granting of the permit or has not exercised it for a year. The deadlines can be extended if there is an important reason.

What do you need for a restaurant license?

As a rule, the following documents must be submitted for the license: identity card or passport, police clearance certificate, clearance certificate from the tax office, information from the central trade register, floor plan and building permit for restaurants, amusement arcades or hospitals.

What do I have to consider if I want to open a pub?

To open a restaurant, you first need a trade license from the trade office. In addition to the business registration, a restaurant license is required (also known as a restaurant license or simply a license) if you want to offer guests alcoholic beverages in addition to food.

What does a concession for a cafe cost?

The costs for the concession can vary greatly from region to region and are between 50 and 400 euros.

Which concession for cafe?

Self-employed people who want to open a café have to deal with more bureaucratic work to set up a business than you might initially think: You have to go to the health department and the trade office, you need a health certificate and a license to sell food and alcohol if you have them in your Coffee shop …

Is a cafe a restaurant?

Café and restaurant are terms that do not exist in trade law. There is the relevant term “restaurant”! A restaurant exists when food and / or drinks are offered for consumption on site. Permission is required if alcoholic beverages are offered for consumption on site.

How much seed capital for a cafe?

You want to open a café. And yes, you need equity capital to implement your café concept. It doesn’t work without it. As a rule of thumb, it is said that founders should own at least 20 – 30% of the total capital requirement as equity.

How much do you earn with a cafe?

Employees who work in a job as an employee / in a café earn an average salary of around € 25,900. The upper limit for the job as an employee / in a café is € 29,500. The lower limit, however, is around € 20,500.

How much can you make from a restaurant?

Chef Restaurant Salaries in Germany Chef Restaurant is your dream job? In this job you can expect a minimum salary of € 26,700, but on average you earn € 32,900. If you earn above average, your salary is around € 38,900.

How much can you make with a bar?

If you work as a bar employee, you are expected to earn at least € 21,200 and in the best case € 31,600. The average salary is € 26,600. Anyone looking for a job as a bar employee will find a large number of job offers in the cities of Berlin, Munich and Hamburg.

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