What is a course achievement? What is a course achievement?

What is a course achievement?

A course performance represents a qualified, re-registered – but not necessarily also graded – individual performance. This prepares students for participation in the module examination.

What are examinations?

An examination performance is a module examination that is necessary for the completion of a module. This can be done in the form of a term paper, written exam or oral examination. Most examinations are graded. A course achievement is an achievement within an event.

What is a partial module examination?

– Final module exams are, as the name suggests, module examinations that are usually taken at the end of a module and can in principle include the subject matter of the entire module. – Module exams are also a form of module exams.

What if you fail the exam?

To do this, inform your training company and the responsible chamber in writing that you want to extend your training due to the failed exam. When that is done, you can continue to work in your company and, as I said, attend vocational school.

How many ECTS can you get credited?

Up to 50% of the course work to be achieved can be credited, ie for a Bachelor’s degree with 180 CP ETCS (Credit Points according to the European Transfer Credit System) up to 90 CP. If academic achievements from a university course are taken into account, more than 50% can be recognized.

Are academic achievements compulsory?

Since the abolition of the compulsory attendance in seminars and exercises by the last, red-green state government in North Rhine-Westphalia, according to the University Act (§ 64 paragraph 2a HG), participation may only be mandatory in excursions, language courses, internships, practical exercises or comparable courses.

When is a term paper considered failed?

Topic missed: If the structure and the substantive argumentation of the task are not appropriate, the performance counts as failed.

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