What is a cover letter in the application?

What is a cover letter in the application?

The cover letter. An application is the self-portrayal of a person who is competing with their competitors for a job. This is not evident in any other part of the application portfolio as clearly as in the cover letter. The cover letter is the focus of every application for an apprenticeship.

What file size can you send via email?

Gmail emails can be up to 25MB in size. With GMX it is only 20 MB in the free version. Users of the chargeable email services GM ProMail and GMX TopMail are allowed to send 50 or 100 MB by email.

What to do if the email attachment is too big?

It is best not to send attachments of more than 5 megabytes by email; unless you knew for sure that the recipient’s mailbox could handle it. The better alternative: Put the file on cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

What to do if the file is too big?

In general, you can upload files up to a size of approx. 100 MB with us. If the file is too big, you can reduce it using an image editing program. Please note that the resolution of at least 150 dpi is retained.

What to do if a PDF file is too big?

Reduce PDF file using the resolution Open the PDF file and click “Print”. Select a PDF creator such as “PDF24 Creator” or “Bullzip PDF Printer” as the printer. In the printer properties click on “Advanced”. Now set the print quality.

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