What is a discussion in German?

What is a discussion in German?

The discussion is a written argument. It is used to express your own opinion on a certain issue objectively and reasonably and to convince the reader of your own position.

How can you write a discussion?

Writing a text-based discussion: Instructions in 5 steps Read the text thoroughly. Develop the arguments. Take a stand (collect pro and con arguments) Write a discussion according to a three-part structure (introduction, main part, conclusion). Check with the checklist.

How do you write a table of contents?

In the table of contents, you therefore display all chapters and sub-chapters on different levels. You also enter the corresponding page number. The table of contents when writing a term paper consists of the headings of the chapters. There are no texts, concrete contents or references yet.

What do you put in a table of contents?

What belongs in a table of contents? Your table of contents should contain the headings of all chapters from the introduction of your bachelor thesis to the conclusion (also subchapters, as well as any deeper levels), the bibliography and the appendix of your bachelor thesis.

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