What is a factual structure?

What is a factual structure?

In the factual analysis, the teacher deals intensively with the material to be taught in this lesson / unit, the content, “the subject”, through which (especially in non-subject lessons) that specialist knowledge is acquired or

What does exemplary meaning mean?

Exemplary meaning Explanation: What more general contexts, relationships, regularities, structures, contradictions, possible courses of action (techniques, methods) can the students come across as examples when dealing with the content?

How do you plan a lesson?

When planning lessons, try to take into account as many things as possible that influence the course of the lesson …. The course schedule of a lesson consists of 5 phases: record preconditions, activate prior knowledge, inform, process, evaluate.

Why do you have to plan lessons?

Lesson planning is an important part of the work of teachers. The lesson planning serves on the one hand to provide orientation for the teacher when teaching. On the other hand, it should justify the desired learning objectives against the background of a selected didactic model.

How do you make a lesson design?

Structure and structure of a lesson draft Title page. Organizational and thematic classification. Subject-specific focus (factual analysis) General teaching prerequisites. Justification of the teaching and learning structure. Individual competence development of the learner.

What do we understand by teaching units?

The term teaching unit encompasses several school hours (teaching hours) in which a subject area specified by the curriculum is or should be dealt with. In Switzerland, a lesson unit is a group of lessons for the same school subject.

How long does a lesson last?

The duration of a lesson remains 45 minutes. An exception is the representation for parts of measures that are carried out at an employer and for company learning phases. Time hours of 60 minutes each continue to apply here.

How many hours does a series of lessons have to have?

One assumes 12 to 16 hours per row. Of course, it looks different with short, inserted sequences, which can only last for 2 weeks or so.

How long is an hour at school?

Duration of the lesson. 1. The duration of one lesson is 45 minutes. A lesson is thus defined as a unit of time and a planning variable for the implementation of the lesson table.

How long is the 7 hour in school?

Lesson times 1. Hour40 o’clock 6. Hour00 o’clock lunch break 45 o’clock 7. Hour30 o’clock 8. Hour 3 p.m. 6

Why does a school lesson only last 45 minutes?

On August 22, 1911, the Prussian minister of education stipulated “that the duration of the lesson at all higher education institutions should generally be set at 45 minutes”. With the so-called “short hours” of 45 minutes that have now been introduced, the 30 to 32 hours per week could be completely assigned to the morning.

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