What is a footnote and endnote?

What is a footnote and endnote?

Endnotes are notes in a print layout that, in contrast to footnotes, are moved to the end of the work and thus break out of the linear and sequential structure of the underlying text. Like footnotes, endnotes are superscripted in the text.

What do you write in footnotes?

Footnotes belong to scientific texts. Above all, they serve to document the sources of direct or indirect quotations. In addition, they have the task of inserting additions that relieve the main text, explanations or comments.

How can I insert footnotes in Word?

Insert footnotes and endnotesClick where you want to refer to the footnote or endnote.On the References tab, in the Insert Footnote or Insert Endnote group, click.Type the footnote or endnote that you want.More Entries …

How to make a superscript number in Word?

Superscripting numbers in Word – how it works Click on “x2” in the “Font” section on the “Home” tab to superscript your text. Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard shortcut to do this [Strg] + [+] use.

How do you raise a number?

Select the text or number you want. To format as superscript, press CTRL, SHIFT, and the plus sign (+) at the same time. To format as subscript, press CTRL and the plus sign (+) at the same time. (Don’t press SHIFT.)

How do you write to the power of 1 on the keyboard?

Under Windows you will find a command for the exponent 2 and 3 on the keyboard. For the superscript 2, press the keyboard code Alt Gr + 2 and for the superscript 3, press the keys Alt + 3. There is currently no dedicated key combination for the superscript 1.

How do you type to the power of 2?

And a little 2. That’s it, the up 2 key! You can use them by pressing them at the same time as the AltGr key, which is to the right of the spacebar. Incidentally, this also applies to the high-3 character, which is located on the three key and with which you can write m³ (cubic meter), for example.

Where is the high character on the keyboard?

Nevertheless, spreadsheets also use superscripts – albeit for arithmetic. On the keyboard you will find the superscript in the top left, next to the number 1.

How to upload numbers to cell phone?

Android: Write exponentsOn your Android smartphone, first tap where you want to insert the exponent. The keyboard then opens. On the next side of the keyboard, hold the [2] pressed until the superscript is above it [²] appears.

Where can I find cubic meters on the keyboard?

Abbreviation for Cubic Meter: Which is correct?The abbreviation for Cubic Meter is m³. Sometimes the abbreviation cbm is also used. Type the superscript 3 on the keyboard by pressing the key to the right of the space bar [alt gr] Hold down and then click the in the top right [3] to press.

How do you make 3 to the power of the keyboard?

The cubic centimeter (unit symbol: cm3; obsolete: ccm) is a SI unit of volume. A cubic centimeter or ‘centimeter to the power of 3’ corresponds to the volume of a cube with an edge length of 1 centimeter = 10 millimeters.

How do I calculate m3?

Given a cuboid room of length ‘L’, width ‘W’ and height ‘H’, the volume can be calculated using the formula ‘Volume = L * W * H in cubic metres’, where L, W and H are all measured in metres have to be.

How can I write qm?

At the number keys [2] or the quotation marks [„] a third assignment is shown on most keyboards. Namely the small squared character. This can be typed by pressing the key while typing [alt gr] (to the right of the space bar) and now press the key [2] is pressed.

How do you spell square meter abbreviation?

The unit symbol for square meters is m². The often-read abbreviation qm is a unit symbol that has been obsolete since the 1970s and is no longer permitted in the SI system of units.

How do you write the abbreviation for square meter?

Square meter, der or das. In the International System of Units (SI), the abbreviation qm is not allowed.

How do you write 2 3 on the keyboard?

Two thirds is part of a whole. ⅔ is the abbreviation for the fraction “2 divided by 3”, i.e. the decimal number 0.666…. The notation ⅔ is primarily used in texts, in mathematical formulas one writes ⅔ with a horizontal fraction bar.

How do you spell 1 1 2?

Cross-program key combinations for special charactersSpecial charactersNumber code Description¼0188Fraction 1/4½0189Fraction 1/2¾0190Fraction 3/4©0169Copyright28 •

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