What is a form?

What is a form?

In business and administration, the form is a document which, as a printed product or file, already specifies the essential characteristics of a legal act, but has to be completed with individual inscription in order to be legally effective.

When is the order an application and when is it an acceptance?

If the order was preceded by an offer from the supplier, this is referred to as an acceptance. The purchase contract is concluded on the terms offered. If, on the other hand, the order is placed without a prior offer, it is considered an application.

In what form should an order be submitted?

The order is not tied to any particular form. If there is a detailed offer, the buyer can refer to this offer. To avoid errors, the information in the offer is often repeated in the order.

Is an order already a purchase?

A purchase contract (§ 433 BGB @) comes about through corresponding declarations of intent (offer and acceptance) (see conclusion of contract). In sales law, the order is the buyer’s declaration of intent vis-à-vis the seller. The order (declaration of intent) is aimed at the conclusion of a sales contract.

When does an order confirmation have to be written?

If an order is changed, an order is placed too late or a customer orders without having received an offer beforehand, an order confirmation is required. A written order confirmation also makes sense when a customer orders for the first time.

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