What is a geriatric patient?What is a geriatric patient?

What is a geriatric patient?

Geriatrics is the medical specialty that deals with the physical, mental, functional and social aspects of the care of acute and chronic diseases, the rehabilitation and prevention of old patients and their special situation at the end of life.

When do you go to geriatrics?

The minimum age of patients in geriatric rehabilitation is usually 70 years, but in exceptional cases it can also happen that the person concerned is only 60 years old. The patient must also have had at least two chronic diseases with so-called socio-medical relevance for six months.

How does geriatric rehabilitation work?

Length of time. A geriatric rehabilitation lasts about 3 weeks on average. As a rule, rehabilitation takes place on an inpatient basis, i.e. in a clinic or rehabilitation center. You should therefore look for a rehabilitation facility that is as close as possible to where you live.

How much does geriatric rehabilitation cost?

There are no costs for patients who are exempt from co-payments by their statutory health insurance company. For private payers: the daily rate in the rehabilitation clinic is currently around 175 euros for an inpatient and around 140 euros for an outpatient measure.

How much does a day in the rehabilitation clinic cost?

100 euros per day and patient for therapy plus partial meals. Because the daily rates for outpatient rehabilitation average around 100 euros per day and patient – including therapy, partial meals and often even including a pick-up and delivery service.

What is the cost of rehab?

Depending on the medical requirements or the flat rate packages for self-payers, the costs per day vary between 100 and 500 euros – but this is only a guideline. The individual case is always decisive, which is why it is important to seek medical advice – but preferably a medical rehabilitation recommendation.

When are you exempt from co-payment for rehabilitation?

If you have not yet reached the age of 18 or if you receive a transitional allowance from the pension insurance provider during the rehabilitation period, you do not have to make any additional payments. You can obtain the application form from your pension insurance agency or download it from our website.

How is rehab paid for?

If a rehabilitation measure is carried out to restore health, the health insurance usually pays. A rehabilitation measure to restore or maintain the ability to work is usually financed by the pension insurance institution.

Can I choose the rehabilitation clinic myself?

According to §8 SGB IX, every patient has the right to choose a facility for inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation. Important: You do not have to refer to any clinic list provided by your payer (e.g. you have the right to choose any suitable rehabilitation clinic.

How far can the rehabilitation clinic be from my place of residence?

Rehabilitation: inpatient or outpatient? During rehabilitation, which usually lasts three weeks, there is the option of inpatient or outpatient treatment. The outpatient rehabilitation facility must not be more than a 45-minute drive from your place of residence.

Can you choose a rehabilitation clinic freely?

The new legal regulation (§8 SGB IX) stipulates that every patient can choose his own rehabilitation facility. So you do not have to refer to any clinic list provided by your health insurance or pension insurance.

Can I go home at the weekend during inpatient rehab?

Can I go home at the weekend? Your payer does not provide for a “leave of absence” during inpatient rehabilitation.

Can you cancel the rehab?

If you do not want to start a rehabilitation measure or want to break it off prematurely, you should inform yourself well beforehand and read the documents carefully. Incidentally, you can withdraw an application for rehabilitation benefits at any time for personal reasons.

How do I get home from rehab?

Techniker has arranged a pick-up service with certain rehabilitation facilities. We will inform you directly in the permit whether your health clinic has a pick-up service. You will then be picked up at home or from the hospital and taken directly to the health clinic.

Can you postpone a rehab?

A postponement is also usually possible for the rehabilitation measures of the health insurance companies, but initially only by up to three months. The health insurers examine the possibilities of a postponement in each individual case and advise their insured persons about the possible disadvantages.

Can you end rehab early?

But stopping the treatment prematurely can also have consequences. If there are good reasons, they can issue you with permission to end the treatment prematurely. If you end a course of treatment or rehabilitation prematurely, the health insurance usually covers the costs for the days of treatment incurred.

Can the employer request that rehabilitation be postponed?

The legislator considers participation in a cure or rehabilitation as equivalent to being unable to work because you are ill. And just as incapacity to work as a result of an acute illness cannot be postponed, a rehabilitation measure cannot be postponed at the request of the employer.

What happens if you don’t go to rehab?

Anyone who terminates their rehabilitation measure on their own initiative by leaving or simply staying away does not have to fear any follow-up costs from the pension insurance. Particular caution is required if the insured person has been specially requested by the health insurance company to submit a rehab application.

Can the pension fund force me to go to rehabilitation?

Your health insurance company can force you to undergo rehabilitation. Of course, you always have the option of contesting the decision of a social authority by means of an objection. In principle, however, it is the health insurance company’s right to have your earning capacity checked by rehab.

Can the employment office force me to rehab?

The employment office can demand rehabilitation or force you to apply for a pension. Section 145 (2) SGB III: “The employment agency must promptly request the person with reduced performance to submit an application for benefits for medical rehabilitation or participation in working life within one month.

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