What is a German keyword?

What is a German keyword?

What exactly are keywords? Words that are introduced at the beginning of a paragraph and thus dictate the topic of the paragraph. Words that are frequently referred to. Words that contain a clear statement related to the topic of the text.

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Word meaning/definition: 1) neuter question word, interrogative pronoun. 2) Short form for something (common, mostly used colloquially) 3) Relative pronoun.

How do you mark text correctly?

When marking, you should observe the following basic rules: Mark what is important. Mark only what is new… Use a pen to mark – but please only in your own books or texts – all passages that seem important to you: Main statements and core ideas. Argumentations. the “red thread” of the text.

How can I highlight text in PDF?

Select text in Adobe Reader You can find the tool by right-clicking in a PDF document and choosing “Selection Tool”. To mark the text passages with the “Selection tool”, move over the text passage while holding down the (left) mouse button.

How does the keyword method work?

The keyword method is a mnemonic technique that you can use to learn vocabulary as efficiently and long-term as possible. The technique combines newly learned words with those already known and puts them in context.

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