What is a good letter of motivation?

What is a good letter of motivation?

In the letter of motivation, you should make a reference to your own unique selling points (skills, knowledge, qualifications) and the requirements of the position in order to fully convince your dream employer of you.

Is a cover letter the same as a cover letter?

The letter of motivation corresponds in principle to the cover letter for an application. The intention is similar, but in the letter of motivation the focus is even more on personal motivation and the goals that are being pursued.

What is a letter of motivation when applying?

The letter of motivation helps you to set yourself apart from the other applicants and to leave a lasting impression. The letter of motivation serves as a supplement to the cover letter. You can put personal information here and thus illustrate your motivation in relation to the company.

What is meant by a letter of motivation?

The letter of motivation is attached to classic job applications after the cover letter and curriculum vitae as the third page. You can explain in detail your will to perform, your motives and personal goals.

What’s in a letter of motivation?

Please pay attention to this: The cover letter and curriculum vitae also include a letterhead with the name, address, telephone number, e-mail of the sender and – right justified – the date. And it is addressed to the recipient personally.

What are extrinsic factors?

Extrinsic factors are understood to mean all external influences. These can be risk factors as well as parameters in chemical reactions.

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