What is a hands-on experience?

What is a hands-on experience?

Technical is what you know and have learned -> your knowledge (for example from your studies). The focus of practical experience is then the knowledge that you have already applied in practice, for example as part of an internship.

What does long-term experience mean?

This requirement is often associated with positions that include personnel responsibility and / or budget responsibility. The phrase “many years of” professional experience usually also means practical experience of at least three years.

How many years are several years of professional experience?

Several years of professional experience A requirement is around three to five years in the desired field of work. Often it is about personnel and budget responsibility.

When do we speak of work experience?

You have work experience if you have already worked full-time. Even if you only have half a year of experience, this can count as “first experience in the area of ​​xxx” and you have much better chances than, for example, university graduates.

How often should you change jobs?

If money, advancement and status are important to you, then with more frequent changes – and every three to five years is a good frequency – you can make higher salary jumps compared to a career development with one and the same employer.

When should the job as an engineer be changed?

Sometimes engineers feel compelled to change jobs due to incorrectly interpreted career rules. Nobody has to change employers after a five-year retention period if they offer a secure job that may still show development potential.

What can you keep quiet in your résumé?

Cuts in the résumé are controversial, but common: Schoolchildren and student jobs in particular, or even school stations, are often left out because they are perceived as superfluous information that could question suitability for the respective position.

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