What is a hidden question? What is a hidden question?

What is a hidden question?

Hidden questions are often used in job interviews. You have the goal of obtaining information unnoticed by the respondent. “Did you find a parking space right in front of the house? (Actually: Do you have a driver’s license?) “

What is the significance of questions in a conversation?

Questions are used to signal interest or to receive new information. In addition to different questioning techniques, the motivation for a specific question can also be varied: Clarifying a situation. Interest in the topic.

When do I use open questions?

Use open-ended questions to keep a conversation going after a closed question that asked for a fact or only required a one-word answer.

What is a reflective question?

Reflective questions are the so-called “echo questions”. You pick up on the last comment or the main idea or a limitation of the interlocutor. This will prevent misunderstandings and show that you can listen well.

What is a rhetorical question example?

A typical example of a rhetorical question is: “Didn’t I tell you right away? “The questioner is not interested in gaining information. Rather, he underlines his previous statement. The rhetorical question in this case comes from “I knew I was right!

Why questions in communication?

“These questions give the interlocutor an open-minded attitude and enable the other person not to feel accused or interrogated. Even if the idea of ​​the why question is undisputed, the harsh formulation as the why question is not expedient in 90 percent of the discussions.

Why questions in the consultation?

You ask about a situation or process in the future and can stimulate your negotiating partner to dream of the success of your project. These questions can create a positive atmosphere in a consultation and are particularly suitable for concluding a consultation or a consultation meeting.

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