What is a literature search?

What is a literature search?

A literature search is essentially divided into three steps: the literature search (which literature is already known and can also be researched?), the selection of literature (what is relevant?) and the procurement of literature (how do you get to the respective literature?) .

What is a scientific paper?

A scientific publication or specialist publication (often simply called paper in jargon, unless it is a monograph) is a written scientific work by one or more authors whose publication (publication) by a scientific publisher is planned or already …

How do you recognize a scientific text?

Scientific journals can be recognized by the fact that they mainly publish scientific work (further indications of the scientific nature can be found below) and go through a double-blind review process, i.e. before articles in a scientific journal …

How do you find studies on the internet?

Google Scholar It can be used to search for scientific documents on the Internet for literature research. Scholar displays freely available documents as full texts, while texts that are subject to a fee or not yet digitally available are available as bibliographical references.

Where can I find scientific studies?

Scientific studies can be conveniently searched for on Pubmed, a very comprehensive database. It is run by the American National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest medical library. In Pubmed you can search for topics, keywords and authors.

Where can you find scientific publications?

Selected search engines for academic Open Access publicationsBASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) Bielefeld University’s search engine for academic Internet sources.edoc. OAister. Google Scholar. ZVDD (Central Directory of Digitized Prints) Gallica.

Where can you find specialist articles?

If you are looking for an article on a specific topic, it is best to research it in scientific specialist databases or in a scientific search engine such as Google Scholar. Here you will find the articles themselves as hits, possibly with full text access in the database or via the SFX button.

How do I find peer reviewed articles?

Most “peer-reviewed” articles can be found online in databases, as mentioned above. But since many students also have the requirement not to use Internet sources for their first work, this is understandably confusing. Databases are only accessible online.

How do you find scientific sources?

Just as there are different sources for answering your own research question, you can find them in different places: (university) library. The library portal of the university. Databases of individual universities and departments. The Internet (especially Google Scholar) seminars.

How can I research?

11 Tips for Researching the InternetSearch with advanced search capabilities. Search with multiple terms AND, OR. Exclude search terms with a minus – Search for phrases or proper nouns with quotation marks “”. Search within a specific area. Quality check – This information will help you.

What makes good research?

Good research always draws on a wide range of good sources. Do not only rely on the internet, but also use offline sources. In addition to going to the library, there are also information materials from associations or clubs or interviews with experts.

What research options are there?

Research: 9 tips for better research resultsScientific research. find secondary literature. library research. Library research from home. The Interlibrary Loan. Internet research in science. Check sources. Journalistic research. Internet research in journalism.

How do I do an internet search?

Here’s how it works: 5 tips for successful internet researchChoosing the right search terms. In a simple search query, never enter entire questions with interrogative words, but choose concise search terms, since Google searches each word individually. Use multiple sources. Better double check. use bookmarks. Use social media properly.

What is an internet search?

Research on the Internet is one of the basic methods of obtaining information, alongside research in libraries. With the specific task of researching the possibilities of youth participation on site, the pupils train their computer skills.

What are good sources for a term paper?

Frequently used sourcesScientific journals, reports, statistical databases, books, newspaper articles, Wikipedia, internet articles, forums and social media.

Why are sources so important?

Sources are any material from which you can obtain direct information and clues about people’s lives, events, and occurrences in the past. Only with the help of sources is it possible for us to describe certain parts of the past.

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