What is a metaphor explained to children?

What is a metaphor explained to children?

The metaphor is a rhetorical stylistic device that transfers the meaning of a word or group of words into a different context of meaning. If you don’t know that the term desert ship is a metaphor for a camel, you initially think of a ship in the desert, which makes little sense.

When do you use a metaphor?

With the help of the metaphor one can make an expression more visual, more lively and more understandable. If you don’t mean something literally, but in a figurative, figurative sense, you mean it metaphorically. The metaphor is a linguistic image, scientifically one also calls it a rhetorical figure.

What does a metaphor do in a poem?

Metaphors enlighten the reader. Something he already knows is used as an image for something he is asked to understand. This makes the new or complicated easier to digest and more compelling. The metaphor can also mislead, shorten or distort meaning.

How do you recognize a metaphor in a poem?

A metaphor often combines two or more words to form a new word. The word/phrase takes on a new, figurative meaning. The original and the new meaning of the respective word/phrase must have a common feature.

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