What is a method critique?

What is a method critique?

Method critique, problematization of research methods, which is not limited to the methodological deficiencies in the research process (methodology), ie to frequently occurring sources of error in the collection and evaluation of data (measurement errors).

How do you draw a sample?

You can only draw a sample if you have a defined population. Without a population there is no sample and without a sample there is no representativeness. For example, in an open online survey, you can never specify a population or a survey population.

Can the sampling procedure also be used for controls?

Examination questions on the applicability of sampling procedures: The sampling procedure is generally applicable if the following questions can be answered in the affirmative. Furthermore, the effort and benefit of the survey must be in an appropriate relation to one another.

What is random sampling?

random (German) meanings: [1] like a sample, like a sample. Synonyms: [1] randomly.

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