What is a method?

What is a method?

Method stands for: method (epistemology), a systematic process for gaining knowledge. Method (measuring and testing technology), a general description of a logical sequence of work steps in a measurement.

What is a teaching method?

Methods offer a whole made up of theory and the teaching methods derived from it. The sociologist and educational scientist Peter Baumgartner has developed a concept with the help of which a “taxonomy of teaching methods” can be created. His concept is based on the system developed by Karl-Heinz Flechsig.

What is a circle of chairs?

The circle of seats or circle of chairs is a social form in class in which all students and the teacher sit in a circle.

What is didactics in pedagogy?

Didactics (from ancient Greek διδάσκειν didáskein, German ‘to teach’) is the “art” and the “science” of learning and teaching. It is a central discipline of pedagogy and, in addition to technical training, is part of the qualification in academic teacher training.

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