What is a normative concept?

What is a normative concept?

A normative statement is therefore an instruction, a “this is the way it should be done”. The statement can be implicit or explicit. Synonyms are, for example, “authoritative”, “obligatory” or “pioneering”. The term is probably derived from the Latin noun “norma” (square, guideline, rule, regulation).

What is a plausibility argument?

Plausibility arguments are argumentatively overwhelming. Their justification is based on a basic assumption that seems to be universally valid. They are reinforced by the claim that it is a fact that is well known.

What is a value argument?

Value arguments are based on generally accepted values ​​and norms that are accepted in society. Freedom of expression and humanity are two examples. The authority arguments always refer to authorities and experts. One refers to politicians, scientists, celebrities etc.

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