What is a personal opinion?

What is a personal opinion?

The statement is a type of text that we encounter in German lessons at the upper level. Anyone who takes a position tries to make their own point of view on a position or a situation clear and to justify these other people (often outsiders) in a comprehensible, convincing and plausible manner.

How can you comment?

In a statement, you have to put forward arguments. You can do this by developing a thesis (assertion) about your point of view and backing it up with arguments (reasons + examples). Your argument is always convincing if you explain, justify and substantiate it in detail and logically.

What is important for an argument?

Arguing is important, whether verbally or in writing. Because arguing always means convincing your counterpart that your own view is meaningful and plausible. So one gives both arguments and evidence for a thesis as well as against it.

What is a thesis in an argument?

Anyone who wants to convince others, clarify something controversial or exchange positions can use the linguistic method of argumentation. With the thesis an assertion is made about a problem, a judgment or a recommendation is given. The argument justifies the thesis.

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