What is a portfolio for an application?

What is a portfolio for an application?

The portfolio for your application In this case, a “portfolio” is a compilation of work samples and work drafts in digital form. With the portfolio, the main thing is that you do not formulate your empirical values ​​in writing, but rather the final results or

How big can a portfolio be?

A4 is often recommended as the portfolio format. According to Katharina Fußeder, graphic designer from Munich, it is important that the images come into their own. “A format from A5 to a maximum of A3 is possible. A3 could be almost too big, ”says the graphic designer.

How do you apply to be a graphic designer?

Cover letter and résumé With an application as a graphic designer you are applying in the design industry and therefore you should not forget to enclose your portfolio. Depending on what is required, you send a folder with drafts of projects and also include work that has been specially created for the application.

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