What is a post-exam?

What is a post-exam?

A post-exam is actually nothing more than an exam that you write at a later point in time, usually shortly before the next semester. So that it does not become unfair, different questions about the subject matter are asked in this post-examination than in the first examination.

When do you take exams at the university?

As a rule, the lecture period is followed by the official examination phase of the semester. During this period, exams are written and oral exams are held. If you were able to coordinate your exam dates well and were very lucky with the planning, your exams will be over in a few weeks.

How can you fly out of the university?

That’s why you don’t “fly” out of the university. Depending on the examination regulations (search on the homepage or look at the dean’s office), this counts as “failed” or as a (permissible) withdrawal from the examination. As a rule, the exam is rated 5.0 (i.e. failed).

How are the IHK exams rated?

The examination area is graded according to the 100-point key. To achieve sufficient performance, a minimum of 50 points must be achieved. If this is not achieved, the final examination is not passed as a whole.

What happens if the trainee fails the final exam?

If the exam is not passed, trainees can request that the apprenticeship relationship be extended until the next possible repeat exam, but by a maximum of one year. What do I have to do if I want to extend my training? Talk to your instructor.

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