What is a research gap?

What is a research gap?

But what exactly is a “research gap”? This term is actually a bit of a misnomer. Rather, your task is to find, so to speak, the outer limits of the current state of knowledge on the basis of the currently published research and to build on it a little bit.

How do you go about research?

When researching literature, you can use other materials besides books … To conduct a systematic literature search, you should follow these 5 steps: Determine keywords. Skim texts. Select suitable material. Find relevant literature. Document literature research.

How do I get scientific literature?

Where else can you find scientific literature? Aside from the university library databases, specialist literature can be found on online platforms for academic sources. Google Scholar ( and ISI Web of Knowledge ( should be mentioned here.

Where can I find scientific publications?

Selected search engines for scientific open access publicationsBASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) Bielefeld University’s search engine for scientific internet sources.edoc. OAister. Google Scholar. ZVDD (Central Directory of Digitized Prints) Gallica.

What is the definition of?

2.7.1 The definition of terms Terms are to be defined and used unambiguously and consistently. A term thus contains an open allocation of certain characteristics. In the case of explicit definitions, the term to be defined (Definiendum) is replaced by a new expression (Definiens).

How do I define something?

The word term refers to the meaning of a designation or concept. A term forms a semantic unit that is part of a proposition or a thought.

What must be in a definition?

A definition therefore includes the essential characteristics, the naming of the superordinate genus, and the delimiting differences to the other terms below the same genus. The genre dominates, orders and determines the concept.

How to write a good definition

How do I write a definition? First carry out a clustering or a mind map. Clarify which elements really belong to the term and which do not. Only include known words in the definition (under no circumstances the word to be defined) Write clearly. Keep as short as possible .

What are wikis and what are their characteristics?

Wikis are common, easy-to-use systems that make it possible to publish content on the Internet that can be edited by a large number of users. Wikis (the Hawaiian term “wiki” means fast) are very simple content management systems (CMS).

What is a company wiki?

An enterprise wiki (also corporate wiki, company wiki, company wiki or organization wiki) is a wiki that offers typical functionalities that are necessary for company applications. Enterprise wikis are an essential building block in the overall context of Enterprise 2.0.

What is a wiki system?

A wiki, also known as WikiWiki and WikiWeb, is a collection of pages available on the World Wide Web that users can not only read but also change online. Wikis are thus similar to content management systems. The name comes from wikiwiki, the Hawaiian word for “fast”.

What does Wikipedia mean translated?

Surname. The name Wikipedia is a box word made up of “Wiki” and “Encyclopedia” (the English word for encyclopedia). The term “wiki” comes from the Hawaiian word for “fast”.

Why was Wikipedia founded?

Wikipedia was founded in 2001 with the aim of creating a freely accessible online encyclopedia. The content of Wikipedia is compiled, prepared and made available by volunteers. They can be used freely by everyone.

How did Wikipedia come about?

2001: Founding of Wikipedia. January 2: Wikipedia originated in a conversation between two old internet friends, Larry Sanger, former editor-in-chief of Nupedia, and Ben Kovitz, a computer programmer and polymath, in San Diego, California. Kovitz is (or was) a WardsWiki member …

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