What is a scientific monograph?

What is a scientific monograph?

The term “monograph” goes back to the two ancient Greek words monos = “alone, one” and “graphein” = “to write” and translates as “single script”. The monograph is therefore a book devoted to one topic.

What is a collection of literature?

In the publishing industry, a compilation of works (also: editors’ writing) is a specialist book edited by a publisher with several authors who provide articles on a special subject. In the case of extensive topics, the work can also consist of several volumes.

How from the textbook meaning?

like from a textbook – synonyms in OpenThesaurus. Associations: exemplary exemplary exemplary average on average on average …

Why are university books so expensive?

He then offers that to a publisher. ZEIT ONLINE: Textbooks usually cost between 30 and 40 euros. Why are they so expensive? Then there are the costs of the publisher: typesetting and printing costs, storage and logistics, accounting and marketing, the editing and the author’s fee.

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