What is a scientific report?

What is a scientific report?

In scientific reports, all claims apart from facts and measurements must be substantiated or supported by a quotation from another publication. If formulations from other authors are taken literally, this must be indicated by a quotation.

Is a term paper a scientific paper?

Short academic papers are, for example, term papers, essays or seminar papers. You will always find introduction, main part and conclusion here. In addition, you should structure your text with sections or sub-chapters.

How do you write an argument for a discussion?

Divide your text into introduction, main part and conclusion. An argument always consists of a statement, a reason and an example. Think about your arguments in advance and sort them by importance. Use reconciliations.

How do you write a good free discussion?

In the introduction to a free discussion, you state the topic and the current reference, i.e. why the topic is currently important. In the main part, you present your key arguments with evidence. It is best to write them down in ascending order, so you name the best arguments at the end.

How do you write a good argument?

Introduction of the argument. In the introduction you state the topic on which you would like to write an opinion. Main part of the argument. In the main part, you will make at least two convincing arguments, which you will substantiate with examples. Conclusion of the argument.

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