What is a scientific text?

What is a scientific text?

A scientific text has to meet different and in many respects stricter criteria than, for example, a journalistic article or an essay. Compliance with certain rules (stringency, transparency, etc.) and formal criteria (citation styles, chapter structure, etc.)

What is a hermeneutic work?

Hermeneutics as a method is a systematized, practical procedure for understanding and interpreting texts in a reflective way. The hermeneutic method is used in philosophy, theology, law as well as in social and literary studies.

Is a literature work qualitative?

An empirical work is either qualitative or quantitative. A qualitative approach is advisable if there is little literature on the topic you are investigating and you either generate new information with the processing or want to compare theory and practice, which may be necessary.

How do you write a literature paper?

In a literature study, you examine your topic using existing literature instead of doing your own research. The personal contribution of a literary work consists in collecting relevant literature and proving that you have dealt critically with the texts.

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