What is a secondary survey?

What is a secondary survey?

Secondary research (also secondary market research, desk research) is a method of market research and, in contrast to primary research, uses existing information sources to obtain market information.

What is market research?

Market research is a qualitative form of market research without the use of scientific methods. The information is collected unsystematically, arbitrarily and occasionally.

What information does the market survey provide?

Market research is a qualitative form of market research. With methods such as observation, discussions with customers and the evaluation of market and travel reports as well as internal sales statistics, information relevant to the market is to be collected.

Why is market research important?

Market research brings consumers and companies together. With the help of this information, companies can work to develop and improve the products according to your specifications. THAT’S WHY MARKET RESEARCH IS SO IMPORTANT! Help us make the products you buy tomorrow better today.

Why is it necessary to do market research?

For companies, the primary goal of market research is to increase sales. Market research thus helps to make the best decision. Well-founded recommendations for action that are useful for the company are derived from relevant data.

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