What is a synthesis in German?

What is a synthesis in German?

Synthesis (from ancient Greek snthesis composition, summary, connection) is the conversion (the union) of two or more elements (components) into a new unit. The term was introduced into natural science by Hermann Kolbe in 1845.

How do you write a conclusion in a discussion?

Note the following: In the end, a conclusion or a result should be formulated. Summarize your results from the arguments. In free discussions, please speak out in favor of a PRO or CONTRA side. Your own opinion is desired. Round your discussion with one Nice end. More entries …

How do you conclude a discussion?

In the final part of your discussion, you will briefly summarize your arguments. Make sure that you don’t add any new arguments at this point, after all, the main part is there.

How do I write a good dialectical discussion?

The structure of the dialectical discussion First you write an introduction in which you briefly introduce the topic of the discussion. In the main part you start with the thesis that you support less or not at all at the end. This thesis is supported by arguments in descending order from strong to weak.

What is the difference between an opinion and an argument?

If one compares the ▪ free discussion of problems and issues with the statement, the fundamental difference between the two is based on this: In contrast to the former, the statement does not require “a multi-perspective discussion” (Fritzsche 1994, p. 124, emphasis added.

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