What is a thesis in an interpretation?

What is a thesis in an interpretation?

a justifiable and well-founded overall interpretation of a text that goes beyond a mere summary. The procedure of the interpretation thesis (in short: I thesis, cf. Rödel 2018) is linked to this aspect.

How do you write an interpretation of a drama scene?

Structure of the interpretation You start with the introduction by giving the title of the drama, the author and the year of publication in an introductory sentence. You will also answer the five W-questions (Who ?, When ?, Where ?, What?, Why?) And give a brief overview of the content of the drama.

What does a poem analysis involve?

The initiation of a poem analysis includes the name of the author, the year of publication and the title of the poem. In the introduction we briefly mention the subject of the poem. The introduction of a poem analysis includes the first linguistic abnormalities.

How do you describe the shape of a poem?

Typical of a poem is its special form, namely that it is divided into individual lines. The lines of a poem have their own name, they are called verses.

What makes a good poem?

Writing a good poem is not just about piecing together a few words to rhyme, it is about producing images that appeal to the reader’s feelings. Reading a good poem is a pleasure because it can take you to another world.

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