What is a written discussion?

What is a written discussion?

“Written” comes from “write”. Accordingly, a “written discussion” is a written discussion. This usually means that you should “discuss” a topic with pros and cons, ie write it down. So you have to give arguments for and against.

How can I write a conclusion in a discussion?

At the end of your discussion you try to formulate a solution, a compromise or a conclusion. Based on the chosen and formulated arguments, a result should be apparent to the reader in the end.

What do you have to consider in a linear discussion?

In the linear discussion, a question is given (no text, just a question). You have to take a clear position and argue from one perspective (no for and against). Do you decide whether you are for or against something? Both are not possible.

How do you discuss a statement?

Tips for writing a text-based discussion When reproducing the text, use the present tense. Back up your statements with quotations. Be careful not to blur the author’s position with yours. Always clearly delimit who is making the thesis or writing factually!

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