What is an Academic Discipline?

What is an Academic Discipline?

An academic discipline or area is a division of the knowledge that is taught and researched at the college or university level.

Which scientific disciplines are there?

Scientific disciplinesAerology (Meteorology) Aerobiology – (Biology) Aerodynamics – (Physics) Aeronomy – (Meteorology) Aerostatics – (Physics) Egyptology (History) Algesiology (Medicine) Algology (Botany) More entries… •

What does research mean?

A researcher is something like a detective. The goal of research is: you want to find answers to certain questions. Research means answering questions. Observing, inquiring and measuring are research methods.

What is meant by development?

Development is generally understood to mean a process of emergence, change or decay, with three principles as a basis: the principle of growth, the principle of maturation and the principle of learning.

How much do you earn in research?

The starting salaries vary from branch to branch. The doctorate is worthwhile and a starting salary of 55,000 euros is realistic. In medical research, the starting salary is 41,000 euros. In biotechnology, beginners receive an average salary of 45,000 euros.

How much do you earn in medical research?

Research and development: Salary according to areas and company sizeRangeSalary rangeMedical research37,280 – 65,586 € Scientific research43,360 – 61,887 € Humanities research40,768 – 51,863 € Average annual salaries in research and development (gross) 2

How much does a scientist earn?

While a bachelor’s degree in the natural sciences brings in an average salary of 35,200 euros per year, with a master’s degree it is around 44,100 euros, with a university diploma around 46,400 euros and with a university of applied sciences diploma just under 38,200 euros on average.

How much do you earn as a research assistant?

If you work as a research assistant, you will probably earn at least € 42,000 and in the best case € 58,400. The average salary is € 49,100. Cities in which there are many vacancies for academic staff are Berlin, Munich and Hamburg.

Do you work as a researcher in the public sector?

Scientific staff are employees of the public service, and so their tariff also provides for an annual special payment. 6 days ago

How long can you work as a research assistant?

Scientists who have not received a doctorate are allowed to pursue scientific activities for six years, but then the doctorate should also be completed. You have another six years for the postdoc phase. The so-called 12-year rule results from this 6 + 6-year construct.

How much do you earn as a university teacher?

Regional differences In Berlin, university professors get the lowest gross income: junior professors go home with an average of 3654 euros per month, professors at level W euros and W3 professors with an average of 6954 euros gross.

What do you earn as an honorary lecturer?

The fees for freelance lecturers usually range between the state minimum wage (currently EUR 14.60) and around EUR 60 per lesson.

How much do you earn as a lecturer?

The amount also varies from university to university. How much they pay is stated in the teaching remuneration regulations. The range of remuneration for teaching assignments mainly ranges from 15 to 50 euros per hour; 20 euros are common.

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