What is an anchor link?

What is an anchor link?

The anchor text, also called link text, is the clickable text of a hyperlink. Anchor texts that indicate links within the text are usually highlighted in color (blue font color by default) and/or underlined.

How can I open my browser?

Open the Windows Start menu and click the Settings button. Click Apps and then click Default apps in the left panel. Scroll down to Web browser and click on the corresponding entry.

How do I forward a link via email?

Possibility 1: press the F6 key. The URL (internet address) is automatically marked in the address line. Then copy this to the clipboard with Ctrl and C. Start the e-mail program and open a new e-mail. Use Ctrl and V to copy the URL into the e-mail .And off we go to your friend.

How do I link a file?

Link to other parts in your file Select what you want to link, then choose Insert > Link or press CTRL+K. Select Current Document. Select the destination you want the link to connect to, and then select OK.

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