What is an argument discussion?

What is an argument discussion?

The discussion is a text form in which you deal intensively with a specific fact, problem or opinion. In addition, you prove your ability to argue in a discussion, i.e. to develop pros and cons and to relate them to each other.

How do I start the body of a discussion?

The text-based discussion The following should be mentioned in the introduction: author of the text, title, date and type of text. A brief description of what the text is about is then given. In the main part you go back to your thesis argumentatively and choose arguments, justifications and examples.

What is the 3b scheme?

The basic structure of every argument rests on three pillars: The 3-B scheme. With this structure you formulate a clear point of view. Every argument begins with an assertion. The assertion can be: a thesis, a suggestion, an idea, an opinion.

What is evidence in an argument?

A receipt is a kind of receipt that confirms that I have made a convincing argument. A receipt is an example that everyone knows; this makes my thesis more credible and not so easy to disprove.

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