What is an argument simply explained?

What is an argument simply explained?

When arguing, an assertion or thesis is first made, which is substantiated by one or more arguments (statements that support one’s own opinion) in order to convince someone. Likewise, arguments can be rejected as inconclusive or plausible. …

What is a compelling argument?

argue convincingly – you know how! It is not only the content that counts, but also the presentation of your arguments. Analyze facts, work out opinions, evaluations and different points of view, find a solution that is acceptable and satisfactory for everyone.

What is the difference between an argument and an example?

Arguments can convince other people of the truth or falsity of an assertion. A combination of several arguments is an argument. When these are examined and weighed against each other, it is a discussion.

What are the pros and cons arguments?

A for and against discussion is a juxtaposing argumentation, i.e. the comparison of arguments that speak for the issue to be examined in the discussion (pro) and arguments that refute it (against).

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