What is an argumentative text? What is an argumentative text?

What is an argumentative text?

An argumentative text is the logical interpretation of an introductory thesis. The argumentative text form primarily tries to convince the reader of the correctness of this thesis by means of a carefully prepared line of argument.

How do you write an argumentative letter?

Writing plan for the argumentative letter Collect arguments to support your point of view. Order these from the weak to the strong argument. At the beginning of the letter, mention the article or event that you are referring to. Use appropriate language as you develop your arguments.

What is the difference between an argument and an example?

Arguments can convince other people of the truth or falsity of an assertion. A combination of several arguments is an argument. When these are examined and weighed against each other, it is a discussion.

What are strong and weak arguments?

Moral arguments are mostly rather weak and interpretable. You can easily recognize weak arguments by the fact that there are many different opposing opinions or opposing perspectives. “Strength” is actually not a function of the arguments, but of the (interests) position for which you are promoting …

What is a weak argument?

A weak argument, on the other hand, would be if you were to put forward as a reason for your qualification that it was your turn after all. However, a strong argument can also be one that leaves the other side as little hope of a lot of leeway as possible.

What is the Pro What is the Cons?

A for and against discussion is a juxtaposing argumentation, i.e. the comparison of arguments that speak for the issue to be examined in the discussion (pro) and arguments that refute it (against).

What types of discussion are there?

The three types are briefly described below: The linear discussion. This form of discussion provides a central question, for which you first collect your arguments yourself. The textual discussion. The free or dialectical discussion.

What is an argument by analogy?

An analogizing argument, also analogy argument, transfers the properties of one thing to another area of ​​life. It becomes problematic, however, when a certain property is transferred from one area to another, but the similarity of the two is not sufficient.

What is the argumentation strategy?

However, the term argumentation strategy is also used in a specific sense; then it means that behind several arguments there is a guiding idea, an attitude, a communicative effort or a rhetorical technique as a parameter that determines (structures) the individual parts.

What are arguments?

In order to increase the effectiveness of the arguments, you can back up your argument with supports. The supports are intended to prove arguments or, as is also often said, supports are intended to prove arguments. In this respect, it is also said that arguments are underpinned with supports.

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