What is an author’s vita?

What is an author’s vita?

This includes the flap or advertising text, which provides information about the book’s content, as well as the author’s vita, a short biography of the author. A look behind the book: the more meaningful and consciously formulated, the author’s vita supports a professional appearance of the author and increases his credibility.

How do you write an expose for a novel?

The synopsis should give your full address, a working title of the book, genre with target groups and contain the scope in standard pages. Some advisors recommend placing an abstract with 2 to 3 sentences in front of the table of contents or to write something about the narrative perspective (e.g. first-person narrator).

What does a biography include?

The introductory section is intended to give the reader the essential information. This includes the life data: date of birth and, if applicable, date of death and respective places in the above form; Nationality.

What is a biography in geriatric care?

In care for the elderly, biography work is a process of activating care and ensures that the needs of the customers are individually addressed. People with dementia in particular can sometimes no longer clearly express their needs. Knowledge of the biography can help to better understand signals.

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